In mediation I act as your advocate or as your consultant in resolving your dispute facilitated by a neutral mediator. Mediation is the process of parties, with or without the presence of their attorneys, working with a trained neutral person to reach an agreement on their legal issues. Like collaboration, when parties agree on a settlement, it is something that will best serve them and last. I also serve as a neutral mediator for parties and their attorneys and I bring experience and a sincere commitment to the process.

As Your Mediator

As a mediator, I serve as a neutral party, to help parties resolve their disputes out of court (for more information, see I am a mediator committed to helping parties find resolution of their legal issues in as efficient and low conflict way as possible. I am hopeful that parties can find their way to mediation early in their dispute and reach a thoughtful and fair agreement. I also mediate disputes that have progressed deeply into litigation and try to help the parties bring their case to a prompt closure.

Representation in Mediation

I represent clients, either consulting with them while they participate in “parties only” mediation with a neutral mediator or, actively representing them in understanding, preparing their case and participating with them in mediation. Clients in any stage of a legal dispute benefit from a thoughtful exploration of their interests and how to best accomplish them.